10 Fashion Mistakes We All Make And Need To Avoid

You can learn style. It’s not something that magically falls into your hand. To get started, learn what are the fatal mistakes you should not make if you want to be one of the active women who pay special attention to their image. And with brilliance! Did you know that your interlocutors form an opinion about you in 1 second? Yes, in 1 second! It would be a shame not to send the best version of yourself back to the world around you. Especially since your personal style expresses who you are deep down inside. I suggest that you never make a mistake in your style of dress again by avoiding 5 ultimate mistakes. To you the stylish and elegant outfits!

What are the 5 mistakes that kill your clothing style?

On the blog Bien Dans Ses Chaussures, I guide you to reconquer yourself and to learn how to be stylish from head to toe. Without a headache and with pleasure.

For each style mistake explained below, I give you pictorial examples of what is stylish and what is not. Some images are deliberately exaggerated so that you understand the difference between an elegant choice and a banal or sometimes even vulgar one. I offer this to you in all benevolence of course and without any judgment. We have all gone through this stylistic faux pas. The objective is to become aware of them in order to get rid of these bad habits and give a new impetus to your personal style.

1) Transparent bra straps

These transparent bra straps were invented by someone who had no notion of style. This bra strap is actually not transparent at all since you can only see it when you wear it and it’s anything but stylish. Its poor quality plastic side doesn’t add anything to your look and the beauty of your bust. Not to mention the fact that these straps turn yellow over time. Definitely, a visible piece of plastic is not stylish and has no business being near your bust. Instead, choose pretty cotton straps, simple, lace or even satin straps.

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