7 Mistakes That Make Your Makeup Look Cheap

Makeup is an integral part of life for most women. It’s their armor and their weapon at the same time. According to some studies, a woman spends about 335 hours a year taking care of her appearance. And it’s such a pity when a single mistake nullifies all these efforts and ruins the makeup job, making a woman look messy. But we’ve got no time for regret! We’re ready to analyze the mistakes and come up with the right solutions.

The female half of the tattoosroses editorial staff went through several hundreds of photos of famous beauties, spotted all the makeup mistakes that they had ever made, and took a solemn oath to never repeat them. Now we’re ready to share our findings with you.

1-Concealer too light

Don’t confuse concealer with illuminator! If you choose a shade too light to camouflage your dark circles, you will end up with two white marks under your eyes. Instead, choose a colour that is close to your skin tone.

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