The shorts: we already wear them on the beach, in our yard or for certain sports activities. But what about the dress shorts for our outings in the city or for the office? And dare we put them on at work with a jacket? We’ll do a little style adjustment for you!
First consideration: for all sorts of reasons, not all women are comfortable wearing shorts (I’m one of them). By “shorts”, I mean the short panties, cut at the thigh level. It is obvious that wearing this type of clothing automatically emphasizes our legs and thighs.

1-Loose shorts

A fairly loose shorts will give the impression of a thinner leg: for a more refined urban style, avoid the very short, tight-fitting shorts.

It is wrong to claim that the shorts are only for size 0 and tall thin people. It is above all a question of leg length in relation to the length of the shorts: if you like your legs, whether they are thin, curved or muscular, the shorts are fantastic to enhance them.

3-Shorts + high heels to lengthen the silhouette

We lengthen the silhouette and add chic to our outfit with a shoe or high-heeled sandal.

3-Choosing the right length

The lengths of the shorts vary. To adopt a more dressy style, a length between mid-thigh and a little above the knee is preferred, commonly known as Bermuda shorts.

As for the question of whether or not you can wear mid-thigh shorts to work (the suit is a summer trend!), we must proceed with caution: it is inappropriate in many cases. It’s easier to wear a Bermuda suit at the office if you like the idea.

4-With a jacket

Finally, I really like the idea of making it chic and urban for outings by combining it with a jacket and more dressy clothes.